Annual exchange of know-how on the “asem Inkasso” application

October 2022: User Group Event “asem Inkasso”

What does the future hold for the debt collection business? How does a company handle debt collection? These and other questions were answered at this year’s user group event “asem Inkasso”.

In Switzerland, 2.76 million debt collections are processed annually. In view of such a high amount, smooth processing of debt collection is central for companies and debt collection agencies. Dominic Peter, CEO of emineo Products, attests: “The smoother and more media-free debt collection is processed, the faster a company gets its outstanding receivables paid. So automated and effective processing definitely pays off.” To provide creditors with the best possible support in this process, emineo has been offering “asem Inkasso” for over a decade. This highly integrated application is the only Swiss standard collection solution based on SAP. The application covers, all processes, both in real time and workflow-based, from the claim to the loss certificate. Around 40 percent of electronic debt collection in Switzerland is now handled via asem Inkasso.

Continuously developing the product

For emineo, it is essential to further develop our debt collection product close to the market while maintaining a close relationship with the users. To this end, the consulting and software engineering company organizes the annual “asem Inkasso user group”. This year marked the 16th staging of the event and was held under the motto “collaboration”.  The event is all about gathering customer opinions and suggestions, promoting exchange and exploiting synergies. All with the aim of constantly making the product more user-friendly for all users.

Around 40 people from various industries (health insurance, automotive, hospital and others) took part in the event in Zurich‘s Europaalle at the end of September. Dominic Peter tells us: “At our now long-established event, users have the opportunity to gain cross-industry knowledge and learn how other companies use and parameterize the debt collection application. We at emineo benefit from this lively exchange and are now in a better position to further develop our solution and services.”

“Saving time and effort”

The participants gained exciting insights into the debt collection business by way of presentations. For example, Bodgan Todic, Head of the Collection Office of the City of St. Gallen, talked about the issues currently being discussed in their offices and how smooth cooperation with creditors can be achieved. Different customer cases were also presented: the audience received insights from users who work operationally with “asem Inkasso”. 

For example, Nicole Dossenbach, Application Manager at AMAG, showed the technical advantages of “asem Inkasso” for AMAG and how the system is used in the context of sedex and the related integration with the Swiss postal service.

Dossenbach says: “Automation saves us a lot of time. This frees up space for other important tasks.” 

At Sympany, “asem Inkasso” was only recently introduced. Cyrille Schädler, Business Analyst at the health insurance company, was instrumental in the project. He told the audience how Sympany integrated the solution into its work process as a managed solution (Saas) without the need to install SAP. 

Technical discussions among like-minded people

Furthermore, the SAP Gold Partner emineo informed their customers and partners about innovations and further developments along the roadmap of “asem Inkasso”. Attendees were provided the opportunity to ask questions directly to the emineo product team, to challenge the presented roadmap and to discuss their own needs. This resulted in lively technical talks and discussions among like-minded people, which were continued at the aperitif with food and drinks.

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