E-voting in Switzerland – emineo AG and Polyas GmbH in a cooperative agreement

May 2017

As the new partner of the German Polyas GmbH for distribution and introduction, emineo will begin immediately to prepare for introduction of the reliable and proven platform for E-voting in Switzerland. emineo employees already have the necessary know-how for implementation of E-voting in Switzerland. Polyas GmbH will provide the software. The servers will be operated in Switzerland.

The objective is to simplify democratic processes

Our goal is to simplify the implementation of democratic processes, both in political and also in non-political spheres. With E-voting the steps of election management will be handled more efficiently and participation of electors will be easier. An exchange of opinions will also be stimulated and promoted by means of a simple and reliable opportunity for participation. Our intention is to reduce the hurdles for participation and to contribute to a digital democracy.
Another goal of this cooperation is the initiation of the Swiss ‘Vote électronique’. This project was launched in year 2000 by the Federal Government and the Cantons. Beginning in 2004, initial trials began with Swiss voting in the Cantons of Genf, Neuenburg and Zurich. In year 2007 the Swiss Federal Council and the Parliament ordered the step-wise introduction of electronic voting.

Electronic voting as a factor in society
Together with Polyas and using their platform, we will tender bids in support of elections and voting, both in the public sphere and also for companies, associations and universities. Democratic decisions are made in many realms: associations select board members, companies elect councils, unions elect representatives. E-voting is a real advantage for voters who often live in remote areas and also for the numerous Swiss living abroad. With electronic voting, electors can participate conveniently and yet reliably in democratic processes.
We are guiding democracy into the 21st century!



Patrick Meister
Head of Marketing & Communications


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