eGovernment competition in Berlin: eUmzugCH wins silver — emineo is the implementation partner

July 2018

Tolle Auszeichnung für unsere Digital-Lösung

The German language eGovernment competition 2018 in Berlin presented outstanding eGovernment projects in the three countries of Germany, Austria and Switzerland (DACH region). As the sole Swiss project in the finale, the eUmzugCH project by eOperations Switzerland – with emineo AG as implementation partner – won a silver award.
A five-person jury of experts chose the best eGovernment projects in the DACH region in five categories for the 17th time. The category ‘Best cooperation project’, with eUmzugCH winning the silver award, was determined based on the factors of efficient and innovative cooperative structures.

Der erfolgreichste eGovernment-Service der Schweiz – Ergebnis einer starken Kooperation

The most successful eGovernment service in Switzerland – the result of intensive cooperation.
Thus the matter relates to the advantages of cooperation compared to individual initiative. In this regard eUmzugCH convinced the jury: as a joint initiative of the Canton of Zurich, eGovernment Switzerland, the Federal Statistical Office, various Cantons, cities and communities, the Association of Swiss Residential Services (VSED), the eCH Association, emineo AG and additional private suppliers, eUmzugCH according to studies is the most-used digital governmental service in Switzerland. In as little as ten minutes, residents can use this application to report their online move and save the personal visit to the agency.

The eUmzugCH service is favoured due to its simplicity, intuitive usability and integration into various agency applications. With eUmzugCH address changes can be handled in a simple digital process, any required documents can be uploaded and incurred fees paid directly online. The data is then sent automatically to the involved residential services. With this system a centralized, consistent solution is available for all of Switzerland which fully implements the principle of eGovernment.

‘We are looking forward to the award from Berlin and the spread of this program beyond the Swiss borders. Successful digitalizing for residents often means the cooperation of numerous different organizations. Only in this way can innovative, high-performance services be offered. With eUmzugCH we are advancing the realm of digitalizing for all residents.’
Manuela Kleeb, Project Leader eUmzugCH, eOperations Schweiz AG.

‘Fabulous – we are very happy about this award. It motivates us to keep developing innovative solutions together with our customers and partners. Every day we try to get better and with our portfolio to provide a measurable added-value to all participants.’
Werner Zecchino, Founder & Partner emineo AG, Project Leader eUmzugCH.
The Canton of Zurich initiated the eUmzugCH project (in cooperation with the Cantons of Aargau, Zug and Uri) and announced its implementation via WTO. The award was won by emineo AG due to our comprehensive IT-experience and extensive innovative advances in the field of public administration. In addition to emineo, other cooperative partners in the project are: eGovernment Switzerland, Federal Statistical Office, various Cantons, cities and communities, the Association of Swiss Residential Services (VSED), the eCH Association and other private suppliers.
This solution can be used by all Cantons and is available in four languages. Currently it has been implemented in the Cantons of Zürich, Aargau, Zug, Uri, Appenzell Ausserrhoden, Schwyz, the city of St. Gallen and the community of Flawil, and as indicated in the associated graphic, will be rolled out to the remaining Cantons.
The strategic project eOperations Switzerland creates the requisites for a joint organization of Federal, Cantonal and communities which appears as an organizational entity and valued service provider for the implementation of eServices. In June 2018 the activities were placed in a single agency, eOperations Switzerland AG. This agency is intended to offer centralized eGovernment solutions at the Federal, Cantonal and community level. Thus, these entities are relieved from individual contract negotiations with third parties. eOperations Switzerland took over the operation of eUmzugCH on 1 January 2018 from the Canton of Zurich.

«Wir freuen uns über die Auszeichnung aus Berlin und die Anerkennung ausserhalb der Schweizer Landesgrenze. Erfolgreiche Digitalisierung im Sinne der Bürgerinnen und Bürger bedeutet häufig eine Kooperation vieler, unterschiedlicher Organisationen. Nur so können innovative Services mit einem hohen Mehrwert entstehen. Wir werden mit eUmzugCH die Digitalisierung im Sinne der Bürgerinnen und Bürger weiter vorantreiben.»

Manuela Kleeb, Projektleiterin eUmzugCH, eOperations Schweiz AG

«Toll – eine solche Würdigung freut uns sehr. Es bestärkt uns im Bestreben, zusammen mit unseren Kunden und Partnern, innovative Lösungen zu entwickeln. Wir sind bestrebt jeden Tag noch besser zu werden und dank unserem Portfolio allen Beteiligten einen messbaren Mehrwert zu bringen.»

Werner Zecchino, Founder & Partner emineo AG, Projektleiter eUmzugCH



Patrick Meister
Head of Marketing & Communications


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