emineo apéro 2019 with Tobias Heinemann

Marvels in a New Dimension

January 2019

Starting situation

Mindreader, menthalist and speaker Tobias Heinemann is known to an audience of millions through his own popular primetime TV series “Der Gedankenjäger” (SRF), as a guest on many international TV programmes and as a bestselling author. His unique talent shines especially on stage, where he arouses emotions live with his shows and as a keynote speaker all over the world that people did not even know they were capable of feeling before. Many large companies and international celebrities rave about his incredible experiments and breathtaking shows – an experience for all the senses when he effortlessly guesses secret PIN codes or sees through everyone and can tell in advance how a person will act.



Patrick Meister
Head of Marketing & Communications


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