emineo can look back to successful fusion

October 2017

In the beginning of 2016, the Asem Group and emineo merged. The financial status of the merger to this point has been exceptionally positive: in the first joint business year the company won numerous new projects, expanded our presence in French-speaking Switzerland and achieved revenues of more than 18 million SFr.

Since 1 January 2016, the former Asem Group and emineo have been operating jointly in the market. Due to the merger, a leading Swiss IT company has been created for business consulting, SAP-introduction and software engineering: ‘Since the merger we have been able to increase our employee head count from 75 to 85. In addition, thanks to the expansion of our range of services we succeeded in broadening our customer base and reinforcing our position as a leading IT vendor in the core markets of public administration, hospitals and insurance and energy suppliers. In healthcare informatics today we belong among the market-leading IT providers in Switzerland’, commented CEO Thomas Zwahlen. In addition to three large projects in public administration, in 2016, the company also won four additional accounting projects at renowned

Swiss insurance companies. This positive business development is also reflected in the figures: compared to sales by the two companies of 16.8 million SFr in year 2015, the consolidated revenue in 2016 rose to more than 18 million SFr.

New headquarters and growth in western Switzerland
In January 2016, emineo moved into new offices on Pfingstweidstrasse in the Zurich industrial quarter. The top-modern, ergonomically configured infrastructure has contributed notably to the integration of team members after the merger. In the rest of Switzerland as well, emineo continues on a growth trajectory: in Vevey at present there is a 9-member French-speaking team in place. ‘Our goal is to expand this site in the near future to 20 employees so that in western Switzerland we can also handle larger and international projects in accordance with our strict Swiss quality standards’, says Zwahlen. In addition, emineo also has offices in Bern and Zug.



Patrick Meister
Head of Marketing & Communications


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