emineo characterizied by new, major products and a focus on personnel

New major projects and focus on personnel mark emineo

April 2019

For emineo, 2018 was a path-finding year. The IT-consulting and software engineering company has started several internal and external projects which reinforce the innovation culture within the company and thus sent a powerful signal for the current year. A solid starting position was created for 2019 with the success of various large-scale projects and intensified recruitment of additional team members.

Revenues for the emineo group in 2018 remained at the prior year’s level of 22 million Swiss Franks. Particularly rapid development was underway especially in western Switzerland. In the past year the company invested chiefly in optimizing of various processes and systems, and also in individual company departments. In addition, in 2018 emineo received the bonuses for several large contracts; among them, complex and path-finding software engineering projects in public administration.

Furthermore, since 2018 emineo has been an ‘SAP Gold Service Partner’ and thus belongs among an exclusive group of only 14 companies in Switzerland. ‘Our teams advise and implement tailored solutions for our customers. SAP has played an important role in this since the founding in year 2002. We are pleased that this expertise has now been officially recognized with the award of “SAP Gold Service Partner”’, comments Timo Schwab, Head of Consulting & Products.

Sincerity and increasing innovation

Innovation is a central element in the success of emineo. At the ‘emineo Innovation Day’ in December 2018, selected start-ups presented interesting innovation ideas. The team members then had the opportunity to break out of their usual mode of thinking and to exchange ideas about new, unusual concepts. Cooperation had already been launched with one of the start-ups.


Candour is also a factor in an innovative company culture. That is why emineo CEO Aleardo Chiabotti inaugurated regular ‘FuckUp’ lunches. This format is known from the start-up scene and allows team members to learn from mistakes presented by others. At the first such luncheon, sponsored under the motto ‘kill your ego’ Chiabotti himself took the lead, saying: ‘Mistakes should not be swept under the rug, but rather addressed openly, because they are a learning opportunity. An open mistake-culture is decisive for the innovative force of a company. For 2019 we have even more projects in the pipeline that promote the innovative culture at emineo.’


Positive Outlook for 2019

The emineo group anticipates double-digit percentage growth for 2019. This goal can only be attained by enhanced recruiting of highly qualified personnel. At year end 2018, emineo has 82 employees, which is at about the same level as in the prior year. For 2019, the company will continue its emphasis on personnel growth.


Not least due to the continuing recruitment of personnel, an additional 14 new employees have been welcomed to the fold in the first quarter of 2019. CEO Aleardo Chiabotti is pleased about this development: ‘Developers and consultants are in high demand on the labour market. That is why it is all the more pleasing that we have been able to welcome so many new colleagues in the first quarter. This shows us that emineo is perceived to be an attractive employer.’



Patrick Meister
Head of Marketing & Communications


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