Award for “Open eGov Platform” project

January 2022: emineo convinces the Federal Office of Justice BJ for the new development of the innovation and development platform

Thanks to the proven experience and the great competence in the field of public administration, emineo was able to convince the Federal Office of Justice FOJ (legal informatics department) for the strategic new development of the innovation and development platform e-government platform (“Open eGov platform”, lot 3).


The “Open eGov Platform” is a complex environment made up of several interlinked applications, software components and services. The idea is to use existing software components several times for different applications. This means that, among other things, you can benefit from synergies in the area of infrastructure and operating environment in general, as well as from an interaction in maintenance and support services.

The project consists of the following three sub-projects:

  • Lot 1: operational and IT infrastructure services
  • Lot 2: further development of the existing Open eGov applications
  • Lot 3: New developments and small applications and maintenance (maintenance and support) of the newly developed applications

The reasons for the contract included the convincing concepts for the new building, the approach to the new application and our support concepts. The fact that emineo has been the development partner of the Canton of Zurich for their e-government platform (online taxes ZHprivateTax, commercial register applications, training company portal, withholding tax accounting eQuest, etc.) for over 10 years was another plus point for the award of the contract.


About the Federal Office of Justice:
The Federal Office of Justice prepares decrees in the field of civil law, criminal law, debt collection and bankruptcy law, international private law and certain areas of constitutional and administrative law. It advises the departments and federal offices on all legislative transactions and prepares reports. The office also oversees the federal government in the commercial register, civil status and land registers, in the acquisition of real estate by persons abroad as well as in the area of the execution of sentences and measures and keeps the Swiss criminal record.

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Patrick Meister
Head of Marketing & Communications


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