Computerworld: A coffee with Aleardo Chiabotti

March 2022: In conversation over a Kafi, Aleardo Chiabott talks about AI, explains who he would like to talk to one day and gives tips for taking time out.

Computerworld: For you, digitalisation means …

Aleardo Chiabotti: … a simplification in many aspects of life – which then also leaves more time for the essentials.

To lead the digital transformation to success, you need …
… pragmatism, functioning technology and, of course, ambitious people who recognise the need for transformation.

You are the CEO of an IT service provider. What fascinates you about artificial intelligence is …
… that the concepts behind it have been around since 1956. Even back then, the US programmer John McCarthy proposed the term “artificial intelligence”.

What is (still) annoying about AI …
… that the technology is still viewed too critically today and people still have great fear of AI.

That’s why you like to come to the office in the morning …
… because I want to make a difference and offer employees an exciting environment and inspire them as a boss.

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