Laying the basis for additional growth

The IT consulting and software engineering company emineo can look back to another successful business year in 2017. Their position in the core markets of public administration, health, insurance and energy utilities was expanded.

Some particularly exciting and innovative projects are:
The successful introduction of case management for the Office of Supplemental Services for AHV/IV (ZLPro, city of Zurich).

The introduction of “asem Inkasso” for handling of operations at Helsana with electronic data exchange pursuant to eSchKG and electronic handling of loss certificates with the cantons according to the KVG.
Implementation of eUmzugCh in the cantons of Aargau, Uri, Zug and Zurich.
Total sales increased by 20% to 22 million, which represents a grand achievement under a 6% growth rate of the software market in Switzerland for year 2017 (source: Bitkom Research/Swico). Due to several delayed projects, and in particular due to an exciting project opportunity pipeline, emineo is also anticipating double-digit growth for business year 2018. Finally, by 31 December 2017, more than 85 specialists were on board.
‘The strategy of positioning emineo as an innovative Swiss IT consulting and software engineering company with maximum quality aspects and an innovative solution portfolio has proven to be promising and the right one. Owing to organizational optimizing, we have laid the foundation for additional healthy growth.’
Marcel Zimmermann, President of the Administrative Council, emineo.
Additional innovative thrust in the administrative council
In order to continue offering innovative solutions to customers, the administrative council brought additional reinforcements in 2018 to assist company founders Christoph Winkler, Werner Zecchino and Marcel Zimmermann (President).
By hiring Sunnie Groeneveld (Inspire 925 – see bio) and Stephanie Züllig (MindScale GmbH – see bio), emineo acquired two individuals with excellent connections and extensive experience in the digital marketplace. They are intended to help solidify the areas of organization, innovation and diversity. Likewise, they will be able to provide valuable assistance in matters of digitalization, range of services and recruiting of talent.
In Sunnie Groeneveld and Stephanie Züllig, emineo has obtained two young, yet highly experienced and digitally knowledgeable team members. ‘They are a fabulous addition to the administrative council and can provide outstanding support in sharpening our profile in the Swiss market.’
Marcel Zimmermann, President of the emineo
Administrative Council.
Powerful business leadership
On March 1, 2018 the administrative council has decided to improve our alignment toward customer requirements and market opportunities. The new organization is intended to cover the entire IT exploitation chain in the best possible manner, to strengthen account management and finally to increase emineo branding. Due to the positive contract situation, new employment opportunities can be created in the coming 12 months.
As CEO, Aleardo Chiabotti has assumed the position of chair of business management. He has a broad range of leadership experience from numerous digital and complex projects (vendor and also on the customer side), a sense of the feasible and years of customer experience in a highly dynamic environment.
Chiabotti’s successor as Head of Consulting will be Timo Schwab, who has been active in the company for 5 years. We were able to bring on board experienced industry experts for the newly created departments of Sales & Account Management (André Tecklenburg, formerly Mimacom) and Marketing & Communications (Patrick Meister, formerly of ELCA Informatik).
In the coming months, Aleardo Chiabotti will solidify the new organization, accelerate our professionalism and add additional vectors to our scope of services – as the first example, a Business Intelligence Team will be set up
‘I look forward to the continuing successful story of emineo and bringing it to the next level. I will make certain that our company values of “innovation,” “partnership” and “flexibility” will be retained together with our proven emineo quality’.
Aleardo Chiabotti, designated CEO, emineo.
The founders are concentrating on management of individual customers and on strategic questions in the field of innovation, growth and sector development.
Brief description
Administrative Councilor Sunnie Groeneveld (graduate 1988)

Founder and managing partner at Inspire 925 GmbH. Inspire 925 is a consulting company specializing in employee involvement, cooperation and innovation. Sunnie Groeneveld is distinguished, in part, for advances in the areas of innovation and digitalization (including design and overall project management of the digitalswitzerland site initiative) and is responsible for employee involvement and leadership. Her capabilities range from company management to the design of digital business fields and future-oriented strategy planning. Sunnie Groeneveld is vice-president of the Pro Zukunftsfonds Schweiz foundation, partner in the Future Work Forum Thinktank and a member of the European Digital Leaders Network of the World Economic Forums (WEF). In 2016 she appeared in the commercial trade journal in ‘Who’s Who: Top 50 Digital Leaders of Switzerland’. Sunnie earned a business degree from Yale University (USA).
Administrative Council member Stephanie Züllig (graduate 1974)
Business manager and long-term international powerhouse. For more than 17 years at Siemens, she was involved in large systems construction and physical facility engineering. In addition to her technical and commercial management functions, Stephanie Züllig was the youngest female business manager within Siemens Building Technologies (BT) and directed an independent business unit with global operations in the regions of Africa, middle and near east and central Asia. She in an expert in building an international business, new and digital business models and their implementation. In 2016 Stephanie Züllig was involved with the global digital strategy and transformation at Siemens BT and in addition to her sector know-how, also has a large local and international network (in particular digitalizing in the areas of software, services and cloud offerings). She is the founder and business manager in the company MindScale GmbH, member of ‘stars – for Leaders of the next Generation’ (2016). She appeared in the ‘Top 40 under 40 Women in Business’ (2014) and is listed as a candidate in the 200 potential administrative council members of the Swiss Employers’ Association (2015). Stephanie Züllig studied business economics at the technical university in Reutlingen (Germany) and graduated with top honours.
CEO Aleardo Chiabotti (graduate 1978)
Our new CEO Aleardo Chiabotti has been working here at emineo since January 2016, when he entered company management as the Head of Consulting. His career began at Deloitte Consulting in Zurich, after which he left for Dubai for 5 years with Emirates airlines to expand his experience on the customer side of IT. As the head of Delivery Strategic Programs, he handled a portfolio of strategic IT projects involving digitalization and optimizing of core operating processes, such as GPS-controlled monitoring of ground operations or the introduction of a self-learning system for resource deployment. Due to his consulting activity at Deloitte, he learned about different customers and also different sectors. His focus there was on optimizing added-value processes, the introduction of SAP and global data harmonizing. Aleardo Chiabotti has a Master’s degree in Information and Technology Management from the University of St. Gallen (HSG).
Specific customer projects
ZLPro (city of Zurich) – The ‘ZLPro’ application automates and simplifies calculation of claims for supplemental services. ‘ZLPro’ was created by the Office of Supplemental Services at the AHV/IV and the Organization and Informatics in cooperation with emineo and is the largest software development project in the city of Zurich in the last ten years. ‘ZLPro’ is being installed in 15 additional communities in the Canton, besides Zurich.
Inkasso/AVSM – Revised article 64a of the Health Insurance Law (KVG) and article 105 of the Regulation on Health Insurance (KVV) specifies that the Canton shall handle unpaid premiums and cost participation from the required health maintenance insurance program beginning on 1 January 2012. The Article Sixty-four module (AVSM) permits an automated exchange of information via SEDEX between health insurer and the Cantonal service centres.
eUmzugCH – This project has been a priority of E-Government Switzerland for the last 15 years and was successfully introduced in the Cantons of Aargau, Uri, Zug and Zurich; it makes it possible for residents to handle their moves digitally. More than 100,000 residents have already used this service. This year, the project will be extended to additional Cantons.



Patrick Meister
Head of Marketing & Communications


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