NZZ Executive: 33 questions to Aleardo Chiabotti, CEO

May 2020

‘I have learned to be persistent and to stay flexible’, our CEO Aleardo Chiabotti said at the NZZ Executive on 3 May 2020. In an interview with NZZ editor Dr. Walter Hagenbüchle he stated that his personal journey was anything but normal, and why the emineo team is pleased that they can now understand his Wallis dialect. In addition, Aleardo discussed what the Coronavirus crisis may mean for emineo and all of Switzerland, and dared to give his view of the period after the crisis.

What have been the effects of the distortions caused by the Coronavirus crisis?
Thanks to our infrastructure and our business model, all 120 team members were switched over to a home-office within 24 hours. All our projects are on course and we have been able to handle the crisis to this point. Personally, it is important to recognize that our productivity has actually even increased in certain areas, in spite of the absence of direct interaction.

What is your perspective for the period after the Coronavirus crisis?
Basically, a crisis of this kind is not favourable for investment projects and has a significant and negative impact on the global economy. I am optimistic that in the sphere of digitalizing, Swiss companies will wager to take another step forward. It is important that we learn our lessons from the Coronavirus crisis and do not simply fall back on the old daily routine.

Have you been able to map out your career in advance?
No, not at all. After a mediocre school performance, I finally entered a course of study at the HSG. While I was there, in a student-event for company consulting, I discovered the joy of taking responsibility and offering advice to a company.

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