Quo vadis Blockchain & Cryptocurrency?

April 2021: emineo customers and partners can now pay their bills with the cryptocurrency Ethereum                                                                                                       

This is how we go digital: emineo accepts the cryptocurrency Ethereum

Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain are current topics of public discussion. On the one hand, the fervent advocates and, on the other, the critics. At emineo, we have the pleasure and challenge of talking to our Customers about the digital future and the various possible scenarios, and actively helping to shape them. Whether in insurance, public administration, the financial industry, health care, trade or the utilities sector; these topics are being contentiously discussed everywhere.

History shows how difficult it is to predict the future.

  • Thomas J. Watson senior, long-running CEO of the computer manufacturer IBM, stated in 1934: “I think there is a world market for maybe five computers and 5,000 copying machines”. The publicist and trend researcher Matthias Horx stated in 2001: “The Internet will not become a mass phenomenon”
  • “There is no reason why everyone should have a computer at home”, claimed Ken Olsen, founder of Digital Equipment Corporation in 1977.
  • “In two years, the spam issue will be solved”, promised Bill Gates in 2004.
  • “The Internet will go down like a spectacular supernova in 1996 in a catastrophic collapse”. This obviously wrong prediction comes from Robert Metcalfe, the founder of 3Com and inventor of the Ethernet connection, which is now the standard for cable-based networks.

We are certain that the future has not yet been written. In our opinion, Blockchain technology will prevail somewhere with a specific field of application and will be just as defining as the Internet or the smartphone.

emineo is already living the digital tomorrow today, in line with our motto “this is how we go digital”. As one of the first Swiss companies, our partners and Customers can now also settle their invoices using the “Ethereum” cryptocurrency via the “emineo.crypto” address.



Patrick Meister
Head of Marketing & Communications


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