Artificial intelligence (AI)

With our expertise in artificial intelligence (AI) and innovation, we help you to identify and successfully implement your AI potential.

Your Challenges

  • Are you just getting started with AI and want to identify and evaluate your potential?
    E.g. identify AI use cases or develop AI strategies.
  • Are you looking for an experienced AI expert to support you in your projects?
  • Are you looking for an implementation partner to successfully design and implement a specific AI application?
    E.g. chatbot, custom AI solution such as anomaly detection, image and video analysis, predictive maintenance.
  • You want to better understand the data you collect or use and use it to further improve your business results.
    E.g. predictive analytics, AI-based decision making?

Our solution

  • We guide your AI transformation, combining strategy and technology to help you keep pace with rapid market change.
  • We systematically guide you to better and more user-friendly solutions with the help of AI. With the co-creation approach, we actively involve you as a customer in the development of products or services and skillfully apply the methods and tools of the co-creation process.
  • We support you in your AI projects according to your needs – as strategists, project managers, AI innovation experts or implementation partners.
  • We help you better understand your data and apply AI and machine learning to your data to further optimize your products, services or decisions.

Our expertise

AI Transformation

We combine strategy, innovation and technology to help your business evolve with rapid market change.

Co-Creation Workshops

Whether co-creation workshops, prototyping, journey mapping or living labs - we help you create better and more user-centric solutions with AI and the right stakeholders.

Custom AI Solutions

Our AI, innovation and technology specialists work closely with you to design and implement innovative solutions together with you.

Data/Business Intelligence

Our business intelligence approach combines analytical expertise with state-of-the-art technology and deep industry and process knowledge. We design an effective and efficient BI infrastructure with real-time analyses for you.



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