Software project with Swisslos for better prevention

June 2024: New legal requirements for player protection and money laundering prevention have been in force since 2019. emineo developed a specialised case management system for Swisslos.

As a long-standing development partner, Swisslos has commissioned us to implement a new case management system (FFS) for player protection and the prevention of money laundering. The project enabled manual and paper-based processes to be comprehensively digitalised and simplified.

New legal requirements for player protection and money laundering prevention came into force in 2019. In order to fulfil the associated tasks efficiently, emineo developed a specialised case management system for Swisslos last year. As emineo is already responsible for the Internet Gaming Platform (ISP) – the centrepiece of the Swisslos online platform – the development could be optimally adapted to the existing environment and integrated into the system landscape.

Preventing money laundering and improving player protection

The additional legal requirements primarily demand the identification of suspicious behaviour on the basis of threshold values. In the newly developed case management software, cases of possible money laundering can be recorded automatically or by employees of the specialised unit as soon as external systems or specially implemented regulations raise the alarm.

If there are signs of gambling addiction, new dossiers are also created and released for review. The case management system ensures that clarifications and appropriate measures can be initiated as early as possible in these critical cases. The system therefore fulfils the legal requirements and contributes significantly to the protection of Swisslos customers.

Image source: Swisslos

Image source: Swisslos

"We greatly appreciate the fact that emineo designed and developed the solution in close collaboration with our specialists, with the consultants and developers standing out for their comprehensive technical expertise and understanding of our processes. With a focus on the essentials and stringent project management, emineo has created a customised application that helps Swisslos to become more efficient and comply with strict legal requirements."

Completely overhauled data management

Only specially authorised Swisslos employees can easily search for and manage dossiers in the new case management software. In the past, dossiers were still stored on paper in secure cabinets. This made it more difficult to deal with suspected cases efficiently. Swisslos now has a fully digitalised and secure case management system. This means that the company is equipped for the coming years and can manage the dossiers easily. Extensive automation of document and data processing activities is part of the system.

emineo carried out the entire project according to SCRUM specifications. The consistent implementation of this approach and the very close cooperation with Swisslos contributed significantly to the project being realised within twelve months and within the specified budget.



Patrick Meister
Head of Marketing & Communications


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