Switzerland’s first debt collection solution in eSchKG standard 2.2.01

April 2021: The product asem Inkasso handles processes in the area of receivables management in a efficient and automated manner                                                                          

IT service provider and SAP Gold Partner, emineo provides the first debt collection solution in Switzerland that works with the latest eSchKG (electronic communication under Swiss Debt Enforcement and Bankruptcy Law) 2.2.01 standard. The product asem Inkasso handles processes in the area of receivables management in a highly efficient and largely automated manner. Around one in three electronic debt collection procedures in Switzerland is managed with asem Inkasso. Helsana is now the first Swiss health insurance company to use the latest eSchKG standard.

Every company is familiar with this unfortunate situation: creditors who do not pay their bills. The so-called accounts receivable management is tedious and time-consuming, but essential for the realisation of sales and the cash flow management of a company. Receivables often represent a high proportion of the balance sheet total and thus, pose a financial risk that should not be underestimated.

Accounts receivable management with asem Inkasso: higher payment rates and more efficiency

For many years, software and SAP specialist, emineo has been developing the highly sophisticated software solution asem Inkasso, which reduces the high manual effort required for debt collection and loss certificate processes and accelerates and optimises process flows. asem Inkasso enables companies to handle their accounts receivable management processes in a standardised manner and in accordance with Swiss law. 

The SAP-based application asem Inkasso

  • reduces the manual effort for debt collection in the double-digit percentage range, reduces the manual effort for debt collection in the double-digit percentage range,
  • simplifies the management of deadlines through reminder and alerting features,
  • improves the data quality and
  • enables the smooth exchange of information and data between different systems for claims, debt collection and loss certificates. Thus, asem Inkasso can be integrated bi-directionally with numerous peripheral systems such as adcubum Syrius and various SAP components.

All of this leads to an improved payment rate of receivables and a significantly higher productivity in accounts receivable management. The quality of the solution confirms its growing application: Of the approximately 1.7 million debt collection cases processed electronically in Switzerland in 2019, half a million were processed with asem Inkasso from emineo; therefore, almost every third debt collection case is now processed using emineo’s software. 

emineo is the first company to offer a debt collection solution with the latest eSchKG standard

Since 2006, the Federal Office of Justice has been promoting the eSchKG communication standard for a standardised exchange of data between debt collection offices and all parties concerned throughout Switzerland. The Federal Office is developing this in close cooperation with debt collection offices, the private sector and a number of software manufacturers in Switzerland – one of which is emineo. asem Inkasso is the first integrated creditor debt collection solution in Switzerland that works in accordance with the cutting edge and up-to-date eSchKG standard 2.2.01. This has enabled emineo to assume a leading role throughout Switzerland. Within the next two years, all parties involved must switch to eSchKG 2.2: this will be mandatory by law from August 2023.

Helsana manages debt collection documents with asem Inkasso

The health insurance company Helsana has relied on the emineo software asem Inkasso for a long time and is very satisfied with it. With the help of emineo, Helsana is the first health insurance company in Switzerland to process its debt collection on the latest standard, thus managing a significantly higher processing volume much faster than others. This is because eSchKG 2.2 replaces further elements of the claims process, thus enabling an expansion of end-to-end automation in the area of process flows. 

«With eSchKG 2.2, we are getting very close to a digital end-to-end process. Manual process steps, for example the preparation of invoices by authorities, are becoming a thing of the past. The time we have saved allows us to increase our availability to our customers. Well-developed exception handling gives us the opportunity to selectively filter out cases, for example with misunderstandings, and proactively approach our customers.»
– Christian Britt, Head of Collections, Helsana

eSchKG 2.2: even more modern, faster and significantly higher automation

The latest communication standard makes the entire accounts receivable management process even easier and faster by increasing the automation of many process steps. Further debt collection documents will be digitised, which will enable a higher automation rate. XML stands for Extensible Markup Language and is a markup language for hierarchically structured data that can also be read by machines. 

Advantages of the new eSchKG standard 2.2.

  • Faster process flows through minimisation of manual interactions
  • Reduction of physical documents and certificates
  • Minimisation of error rates
  • Cutting edge formats and standards (incl. ISO20022) 
  • Almost end-to-end automation in accounts receivable management

«Together with emineo, we have already done a lot of pioneering work and have further developed asem in recent years to meet the specifications of the health insurance industry, such as the Health Insurance Act in conjunction with SchKG. It is only logical for us to be at the forefront of the changeover to eSchKG 2.2 and that the tried and tested cooperation could develop in the spirit of the new standard. With emineo, we have found the ideal software partner for the implementation of our requirements.» – Christian Kaufmann, Head of Accounts Receivable Management, Helsana



Patrick Meister
Head of Marketing & Communications


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