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About emineo

At emineo, we are a growing, diverse team of intelligent minds with special expertise. Regardless of age, gender, race or religion, we are simply highly trained specialists on equal footing, sometimes in leading and sometimes in supporting roles. We are problem solvers, lateral and dissident thinkers, creative and strategic, cooperating and helping, while always taking a solution-oriented approach. We do what it takes to develop our customers successfully in the long term with the help of cutting-edge digital technology – as well as developing ourselves, our strengths and our organisation.

We have briefly and concisely summarised who we are and how we think and work here.

1 – We are the masterminds, engineers and architects of the digital future.

Our interdisciplinary teams, consisting of consultants, project managers, software architects and engineers, among others, develop holistic and sustainable digital solutions for the future and inspire users and operators alike. To do this, we consider the latest development and technology trends, analyse and advise, think ahead and around corners, reflect and optimise. Our digital solutions are always highly effective, efficiently developed and operated, highly scalable and as dynamically expandable as our Customers’ ideas and markets.

2 - Our work is marked by precision and trustworthiness just like Swiss clockwork.

We continuously strive for excellence and improvement. Values such as quality and precision are the constants that prevail in a rapidly changing world with almost unlimited information and possibilities. To this end, we live a feedback, coaching, and error culture and invest daily in the further development of our highly trained team and our methods. We work as precisely as our developed solutions and strive to meet our goals. Precisely and on time.

3 - An all-weather friend whom you can consistently rely on.

At emineo, we actively collaborate and cooperate with our Customers. Our thoughts and actions focus on their satisfaction and the best possible solution for them in every respect. To do this, we analyse, question and reflect to bring all the necessary competencies to the table. Our Customers as well: they are an important part of the solution. Therefore, we actively involve them in an agile manner and in regular feedback loops. In this way, we guarantee solutions with maximum added value and are a trustworthy, honest and reliable partner at eye level at every stage. Always.

4 - We love it simple - without being trivial.

In a complex world like ours, simplicity assumes significance. At the same time, the requirements for a good solution are increasing: intuitive to use, easy to maintain, scalable and so on. To this end, we continuously scan developments and trends in the field of methods, concepts and technologies. Our diverse specialists develop the simplest solution for every challenge, no matter how demanding. However, this is not to the detriment of the actual thing: simple does not mean trivial. Our credo: As simple as possible, as sophisticated as necessary. But always highly effective.

5 - We deliver.

We take responsibility. For our words and actions, for our team and our Customers, for project goals and deadlines. We remain open to change, but always have the end goal and long-term measurable success in mind. In return, we pursue our goals tenaciously (but not obstinately) and do not waste resources. Our innovative and entrepreneurial thinking focuses on making a visible and measurable contribution: We deliver. In top quality. Precisely. “On time and within the budget”.

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