SAP Logistics

Efficiently control warehousing, order processing and the distribution of goods.

Your Challenge

  • Integrated order and contract management processes with role-based multichannel access and real-time information
  • Streamlined and transparent purchasing processes with automated sourcing
  • Bundling of demand and simplified release procedures
  • Back-end functions and customer, asset and inventory information for field staff
  • Holistic analyses for faster and better decision-making and appropriate visualisations

Our Approach

  • More convincing customer experiences combined with intelligent sales processes.
  • A unified system for overall simplification, reduction of data redundancy and lean processes with fewer documents
  • Increased customer satisfaction through real-time inventory data for extended delivery commitments
  • End-to-end process for the distribution of solution packages via a quotation and an invoice

Your contact person

Eugen Martin

Principal Consultant, Team Leader SAP Business Services

Centralised and automated procurement

  • Centralised purchasing that offers flexibility and transparency for the entire company
  • Integrated machine learning-based analytics to predict contract utilisation for better negotiations and materials management
  • Automatic recommendations for new catalogue items, drafting of contract for materials without contract and matching commodity groups for required free text items
  • Automated reconciliation and settlement of payables with proposals for items that could not be settled automatically

Transformation of service for a lifetime of customer loyalty

  • Holistic analyses for the entire service portfolio
  • End-to-end commercial service management, including integrated processes for order processing, billing and accounting system
  • Technical service management, from planning to processing, on a central platform
  • Comprehensive transparency for all processes to track, visualise, analyse and use data for interactions


Schweizerische Südostbahn

Die Schweizerische Südostbahn (SOB) setzt auf emineo und SAP S/4HANA, um ihre strategischen Unternehmensziele zu erreichen. S/4HANA bildet nun alle Geschäftsprozesse optimal ab und erleichtert die digitale Prozessabwicklung im Bereich Portfolio und Projekte. So arbeitet die SOB schneller und besser. Read more »


Mit asem Inkasso profitiert Helsana von einer hocheffizienten Inkasso-Management-Lösung. Die Integration der Lösung mit zahlreichen anderen Systemen ermöglicht eine schlanke, hochautomatisierte und regelkonforme Abwicklung des Inkasso-Prozesses. Zu jedem Zeitpunkt hat Helsana volle Transparenz über Inkassofälle und Verlustscheine.Read more »


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