Diversity @ emineo

We desire and promote diversity because we know its value

At emineo, it does not matter how old you are, what gender you are, what country you come from, what you believe in or who you love. We are interested in your qualifications, your skills, your passion and your abilities – and how you use them individually and successfully for our customers.

We are a dynamic and diverse team of over 200 competent people from around 15 different nations. And we keep growing. We have hired over 50 new talents in the last 12 months (as of 31 December 2022). 16 of them are over 50 years old, 10 of them are women. We would like to see more of that! We desire and promote diversity as we know its value: In today’s complex, digital world, we need many different skills sets and perspectives as well as diverse ways of seeing and thinking. This is the only way we can successfully master the demanding framework conditions in customer projects as well as the future challenges facing our own company.

As a Swiss player in the exciting and promising IT sector, emineo has a lot to offer for our employees:

high flexibility (flexible and mobile working, also part-time)

life-long learning and personal development by working at the pulse of time and in the environment of digital transformation:

  • with cutting-edge technology,
  • new and tested methods
  • a high and certified level of quality (as Scrum, Hermes, etc.)

inspiration and variety through interdisciplinary teams with competent colleagues who work together in different set-ups, depending on the project assignment

exciting job opportunities also for career jumpers at the interface of business and IT and as a driver of digitisation.

excellent work-life balance with regular working hours (no weekend / shift work)

fair payment according to market standards in a sustainable growth industry

A future-proof working environment, because we are actively shaping digitalisation as well as the future of work in Switzerland

Women in IT: we are looking for you!

Every sixth emineo expert is a woman. We would like to increase this proportion as it is the mix that counts! Our female colleagues convince with a different way of thinking, a high level of creativity and outstanding communication skills. That is why we want to get more women into IT – at all levels.

Female professionals are a game changer, especially in the field of computer science. While there were hardly any women at the beginning, their share has fortunately risen steadily in recent years. However, there is still a lot of room for improvement. Instead of following rigid quotas, we at emineo would like to increase the proportion of women through measures such as gender equality, equal pay, personal promotion and development, and flexible working time models that fit individual life situations.

"Instead of strict quotas, we at emineo want to increase the proportion of women through targeted measures (including at universities, WomenHack, etc.). Equal pay and equality are not even a discussion in our company - this is because there have been no differences since the company was founded. I am also convinced that the IT industry in particular offers maximum flexibility in terms of working hours and models. Accordingly, the general conditions for women and men can be adapted to the individual life situations.

How do we do that? In the following interviews and videos, you can find out more about women at emineo, their everyday working lives and what excites them about IT.

Flexible part-time work: Working mums and dads –
but also others!

emineo is looking for ordinary people, whose life situations and desires change. We employ many mothers and fathers who often work part-time. They all appreciate the working atmosphere and the flexible and mobile work at emineo with flat hierarchies and exciting tasks. But not only mothers and fathers prefer to work part-time because of their family situation. At emineo, we address this and find the right way together with you. This is because our talents are our most important asset.

This is what our colleagues say about their work, work-life balance and diversity at emineo:

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