Project Management

Added value from experienced project leaders with established methods

Your Challenge

  • Are you looking for IT-experienced, certified project managers who will achieve your project goals on time, within budget and with quality?
  • Are you struggling with complex projects that are neither effective nor efficiently managed?
  • Do you want to “challenge” and further develop your internal project management division?

Our Approach

  • We have a broad pool of proven, highly experienced project managers and portfolio managers
  • They bring with them a variety of expertise and focus areas. For example, project management in the public sector, highly complex multi-year projects, fast turnaround projects and very agile but highly effective short-term projects
  • Depending on your organisation, objectives and project status, we will put together a team of experts tailored to your needs
  • We work with established, innovative project methods (e.g. HERMES or Scrum) that are adapted to your organisation – according to the waterfall methodology, agile working methods or a hybrid model
  • Each project is led by a very experienced project manager
  • Communication and collaboration are important success factors in project management. With this in mind, we rely on state-of-the-art, collaborative documentation and planning tools

Your contact person

Dr. Karin Fischer

Principal Consultant and Team Leader Business Consulting


Schweizerische Südostbahn

Die Schweizerische Südostbahn (SOB) setzt auf emineo und SAP S/4HANA, um ihre strategischen Unternehmensziele zu erreichen. S/4HANA bildet nun alle Geschäftsprozesse optimal ab und erleichtert die digitale Prozessabwicklung im Bereich Portfolio und Projekte. So arbeitet die SOB schneller und besser. Read more »


Mit asem Inkasso profitiert Helsana von einer hocheffizienten Inkasso-Management-Lösung. Die Integration der Lösung mit zahlreichen anderen Systemen ermöglicht eine schlanke, hochautomatisierte und regelkonforme Abwicklung des Inkasso-Prozesses. Zu jedem Zeitpunkt hat Helsana volle Transparenz über Inkassofälle und Verlustscheine.Read more »


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