Test and Quality Management

Constructive and analytical – ensuring quality with contemporary methods

Your Challenge

  • Do your IT projects not meet your expectations in terms of quality, time and cost targets?
  • Do your IT applications not meet expectations, contain many errors and just “not run very smooth”?
  • Does innovation take a hit due to poor software quality and/or long test phases?
  • Are you looking for usable applications and systems that can be operated intuitively by your internal and external customers?
  • Do your designs have to be tested in a timely manner?

Our Solution and Technological Approach

  • We put together the right experts for every project and every scenario
  • We consistently focus on adequate quality: This starts with the definition of what quality has to be achieved and ends with the application of various packages of measures to ensure that the quality targets are met We are happy to accompany you with a highly competent testing and quality manager
  • In test management, we will give you advice on all activities from test strategy to conception and control as well as implementation of the test concept and debriefing

Your contact person

Dr. Karin Fischer

Principal Consultant and Team Leader Business Consulting


Schweizerische Südostbahn

Die Schweizerische Südostbahn (SOB) setzt auf emineo und SAP S/4HANA, um ihre strategischen Unternehmensziele zu erreichen. S/4HANA bildet nun alle Geschäftsprozesse optimal ab und erleichtert die digitale Prozessabwicklung im Bereich Portfolio und Projekte. So arbeitet die SOB schneller und besser. Read more »


Mit asem Inkasso profitiert Helsana von einer hocheffizienten Inkasso-Management-Lösung. Die Integration der Lösung mit zahlreichen anderen Systemen ermöglicht eine schlanke, hochautomatisierte und regelkonforme Abwicklung des Inkasso-Prozesses. Zu jedem Zeitpunkt hat Helsana volle Transparenz über Inkassofälle und Verlustscheine.Read more »


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