Award-winning solutions due to proven innovative and error-management culture

Our central focus is on long-term customer relations based on outstanding performance and high customer satisfaction. Our guiding principle is to attain clearly visible and measurable success. Accordingly, our mission is based on powerful innovative factors.

Innovation has many facets and is one of the most important themes for continuing advancement of the company and our employees. Only in this way can we complete exciting, visionary projects with our customers.

The following elements support these endeavours:

A Our strategy

Innovation has been a driving element of our success since our founding and has been one of the primary theses of the directors of the company for the period of 2018 – 2022 as well.

B Idea management

The in-house innovation team regularly conducts information/working sessions on new topics, optimization options and cultural change. There is also the opportunity to introduce new ideas.

C Error-management culture

Innovations can only be created on a consistent basis if the status-quo is constantly in question. This means that new pathways have to be taken, even if these paths are often not initially successful. Accordingly, it is important to have a transparent error management culture in place and to promote it daily. At emineo, for example, we regularly hold ‘FuckUp lunches’, where employees and managers discuss how and why things have gone wrong and what lessons can be learned from this.

D Continuing learning

Continuing learning by our employees, as also the continuing development of our products, are important elements in our digital endeavours. Internal and external activities ensure that new technologies and service elements are detected by our ‘tech-radar’. These activities are regularly discussed and analysed with experts.

E Multiple awards

emineo endeavours to create ever-new and outstanding solutions for our customers. We try to travel along different paths to bring out the best possible, new technology. We are proud of the resulting gain from different distinctions and best-practice awards.

emineo Innovation day 2019

emineo Innovation day 2018

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