Working in Switzerland

The following tips will help foreigners to quickly gain a foothold in Switzerland.

  • Do I have a Swiss passport? Or an EU passport?
  • Should I apply for it first?
  • You only need the employment contract from emineo for the residence / work permit.
  • If you have any questions about the exact formalities involved in issuing a permit (where exactly to apply, which form to fill in, how long it will take, etc.), you can contact the relevant cantonal authorities (depending on the canton you will be living in). Click the following link for the contact details of the immigration offices
  • Click here and here to obtain detailed information
  • You should register with the residents’ registration office responsible for your place of residence within 14 days of entering the country but at the latest before your first day of work.
  • You will receive your foreigner’s identity card about four weeks after your registration at the residents’ registration office.
  • Please send a copy to the Human Resources department.
  • By law, anybody residing in Switzerland must take out health insurance. Every insurance company must include every resident (regardless of previous illnesses) in the basic insurance plan.
  • How do I want to be insured? Basic package? Special preferences? Arbitrary choice of physician, etc.?
  • Here is a comparison service that compares different options:
  • After starting work, I am covered by the company’s accident insurance policy
  • As a foreign employee you are subject to withholding tax. Taxes are deducted directly from your wages.
  • ETH wage calculator will help you calculate your net wages

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