Board of directors

Martin Wibbe
Group CEO CONET Group

Marcel Zimmermann, Founder und Partner

Marcel Zimmermann
Founder emineo

T: +41 41 741 80 00

Executive Board

Aleardo Chiabotti
Group CEO emineo

  • Aleardo is a Swiss citizen (*1978)
  • Study at the HSG St. Gallen with master’s degree in information and technology management
  • Began consulting career during studies as president of a student’s corporate council group at the HSG (ESPRIT St. Gallen)
  • Hired at Deloitte Consulting in Zurich as an advisor for Enterprise Applications
  • Switched to Emirates (Airline) in Dubai as Leader of the strategic IT-project portfolio
  • 2016 arrived at emineo as Head of Consulting and then CEO
  • 2022 Group CEO of emineo in the context of the merger with CONET

T: +41 44 578 68 00

Karin Fischer
Head of Corporate Development

  • Karin is a German and Swiss citizen (*1967)
  • PhD in the field of artificial intelligence at the University of Bern and studies in computer science with a focus on pattern recognition at the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg (D)
  • Manager Delivery / Consulting for Xerox Global Services in close coordination with Xerox Europe
  • Senior Project Manager at APP Unternehmensberatung AG
  • Head of Program Management at Swisscom Directories AG and support of projects as an AI expert
  • In 2019, moved to emineo AG as team leader Business Consulting and operational project management citysoftnet
  • 2023 Takeover of management of corporate development and development of the Artificial Intelligence (AI) division
  • Member of the management board since 2024

Patrick Meister
Head of Marketing & Communications

  • Patrick is a Swiss citizen (*1971)
  • University degree in Business Administration & Marketing, Exec. Master in Corp Communication, CAS in digital marketing, university course Employer Branding in Berlin
  • Cross-industry experience in digital & strategic marketing, business development, product management, sales & channel management, employer branding & communications
  • Over 20 years in the IT sector in various leadership positions, with stations at IBM, Microsoft and ELCA
  • Since 2018 at emineo as Head of Marketing & Communications; between spring 2021 and autumn 2022 additionally as CEO of emineo Products

T: +41 44 578 68 13

Dominic Peter
CEO emineo Products

  • Dominic is a Swiss citizen (*1987)
  • Commercial insurance training at Winterthur Insurance

  • Studied at the « ZHAW & École Supérieure de Commerce et de Management » with a Master’s degree in Business Administration

  • Over 15 years of experience in the insurance industry in the functions of technical specialist, business analyst, product owner and project manager

  • 2019 start at emineo in consulting as a consultant and project manager

  • 2020 change to account management and takeover of the focus industry insurance

  • 2022 change to emineo Products AG as CEO

Andreas Petralia
Head of Operations

  • Andreas is a Swiss and Italian citizen (*1975)
  • Masters in electrical engineering ETH, subsequent MBA-training in Business Engineering at the University of St. Gallen
  • 20 years’ experience at different IT companies in the functions of developer, technical project leader and in leadership positions (AdNovum, SBB Informatik, etc.)
  • Building an eGovernment identity infrastructure, various development processes and security consulting
  • Since 2018 at emineo as Head of Software Engineering
  • 2022 takeover of the HR/IT division as Head of Operations

T: +41 44 578 68 16

Stefan Rüttimann
Business Unit Lead Software Engineering

  • Stefan is a Swiss citizen (*1978)
  • Master of Science (Business Informatics) from the University of Zurich
  • Over 20 years in leadership roles in the insurance, telco and software industry (Winterthur Insurance, Bluewin, Swisscom, Adcubum)
  • Experienced in leading large (agile) development organisations and managing complex IT projects
  • With emineo since 2022 as Head of Software Engineering

Timo Schwab
Business Unit Lead Consulting

  • Timo is a German citizen (*1981)
  • University study with degree in law, business economics and IT
  • Professional activity during studies, and continuing in process and SAP consulting
  • International responsibility for SAP projects and global programmes
  • 2013 Hired in the asem group as product manager and took over the Business Unit Products and Consulting at emineo
  • Since 2016 member of the management board

T: +41 44 578 68 07

Marc-Antoine Siegler
Head of Sales

  • Marc-Antoine is a Swiss citizen (*1968)
  • Master’s degree in power grid network engineering
  • Various trainings in logistics, neuro linguistics programming, and sales
  • 23 years of experience in SAP as head of sales and logistics consultant in different companies
  • Experience in different sectors like energy and public sector within Federal Department of Foreign Affairs and Shipping
  • 2016 at emineo International as partner and head of sales

  • 2022 Head of sales at emineo International as part of the merger with CONET

Michael Sluypers
CEO emineo International

  • Michael is a German and Swiss citizen (*1974)
  • German-French diploma in economics in Aachen and Paris in the fields of supply chain management, international trade, entrepreneurship
  • Professional experience in management, process- and SAP consulting
  • Several leadership positions as CIO and Head of Strategy at CIMO (Joint Venture of Syngenta and Ciba/BASF)
  • Return to consulting activity as COO/Head of Consulting
  • 2016 Managing Director of emineo Suisse Romande
  • 2022 CEO emineo International as part of the merger with CONET

T: +41 21 971 10 56

Rafael Dolz
CEO emineo Spanien

  • Rafael is a Spanish citizen (*1966)
  • Mechanical engineer from the Polytechnic University of Valencia and Master in Quality Management.
  • Over 30 years of experience in various industrial and service sectors, especially in the automotive industry.
  • Extensive international experience in various management positions in Spain and Germany in the areas of quality management, purchasing and general management.
  • At emineo Spain as CEO since 2021.


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