Digital Supply Chain

Optimised for customer-tailored logistical processes.

Your Challenges

  • Rigid processes and innovative technologies for greater speed in research and development
  • Improved agility in the market – with intelligent logistics and cooperative planning
  • Greater speed, efficiency and sustainability in logistical and transaction processes
  • Effective management of physical asset life cycle, intelligent decisions and greater reliability

Our Approach

  • Our solutions support management of the entire product life cycle and of the entire logistics chain
  • Inventory optimising, integrated company planning and transparency in the supply chain are a part of the overall solution, just like warehouse management, transport management and tracking
  • Maintenance and service management and also mobile facilities management, forecasting and optimising of facility condition round out our offering

Our Services

Group 5

Extended Warehouse Management

Next-generation warehouse management.

Group 5

Product Lifecycle Management

Flexible support for EPPM processes (Enterprise Portfolio and Project Management) and seamless integration of financial and logistical information.

Group 5

Plant Management

More than just maintenance and repair of existing plants and machines.



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