Application process

6 steps to your new job!

If you decide to apply for a job at emineo, the classic way is to go through the following steps.

A good application

  • A crisp and meaningful application
  • Have I listed all of the important aspects?
  • Is the letter of motivation really motivating?
  • Have I enclosed employer’s references as well as my general and degree certificates?
  • Everything on hand? You can now submit your application online via our applicant portal.

Review by emineo

  • Do the experiences fit the job?
  • Is the information provided complete?
  • Could the mutual expectations match?
  • as soon as possible

1. Interview

  • Getting to know each other honestly
  • Clarification of all relevant questions
  • Visit the emineo homepage or refer to the provided company presentation.
  • Reading feedback in social media (e.g. Kununu, LinkedIn)
  • What does emineo exactly do? How does it make its money?
  • What would you like to know about us? Prepare your questions.
  • Prepare yourself well so that you can describe your career in a short and crisp manner.
Participants from emineo:
  • HR/technical experts
  • 1h (remote via Skype/Teams)

2. Interview

  • Do the technical experiences match?
  • Do the mutual expectations match?
  • Study the presentation/company information
  • How can I show emineo that I am the best choice when it comes to my field?
  • Am I really yearning for this job? Think about what you expect from this job.
  • What other important questions would you like to ask?
Participants from emineo:
  • Team member(s) / Head of Business Unit
  • 2-3h (physically/at our office, case and presentation)

Administrative topics

  • Clarification of all open questions
  • Concluding the employment contract
  • What else should I know?
  • When can I start?
  • What do I have to arrange before starting the job?

Your job

  • A good and fast start at emineo
  • Be motivated, open, pragmatic and critical
  • Hopefully as long as possible 😀

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