emineo Apéro 2021 with Barbara Josef

January 2021: A journey into the new, new world of work                                                                             

Starting situation

Right, two «new ones». This is because, in contrast to the current world of work, the new work debate is not new. In 2020, however, reality has by far overtaken the content-related discussions. Covid-19 prescribed the digital transformation almost overnight: cashless payments even in small bakeries, the widespread use of video conferencing, the sudden rollout of in-house social networks even in SMEs, to name just a few effects. The corresponding technologies have been available for a long time.

This makes it clear that the greatest change has taken place in the way we think and act. We had to quickly realize how finite our control is. But what does the new “operating system” look like for organizations? Which leadership principles and new rules of the game are needed for cooperation in the post-corona age? Our speaker Barbara Josef gets to the bottom of these questions in her keynote. With her company 5-9 AG, she accompanies the organizational transformation into new working environments. Until the end of 2015, she was Head of Communication and Social Engagement on the Executive Board of Microsoft Switzerland.



Patrick Meister
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