The journey continues — new exiting customers enricht the emineo portfolio

November 2018

SIMAP reported that emineo was awarded the supplement for the Federal SCHAMIS plus (claims handling) project (Claims Centre VBS) for more than 4 million Sfr. The lion’s share includes software engineering.

What does Federal Claims Handling involve?

The Federal Government bears the risk for damages to its assets and for the liability damages resulting from its own activities. Damages involving the army and Federal vehicles are handled by the Claims Centre VBS as the Federal Government’s central administrative unit. Similar to a civil motor vehicle insurance company, it handles damages caused by Federal Government vehicles (liability damages) and damages to the vehicles themselves (owner’s damages).


The Claims Centre VBS also processes all third-party damages caused by members of the army during service deployments, verifies reimbursements for loss or damage to property of members of the army and demands contributions for damages caused by gross negligence or wilful intent. The tasks processed by the Claims Centre VBS likewise include the issuance of electronic insurance cards for Federal vehicles which are registered with the Canton’s license plates.

What is the project about?

The SCHAWE application used at the VBS Claim Centre has been in use since 2003 in support of business processes in claims handling and in support of management. It is technically and functionally outdated and needs to be replaced. To replace the existing SCHAWE application, the VBS Claims Centre set in motion the SCHAMIS plus project. The intent of SCHAMIS plus is the implementation of a HERMES5 project for solicitation, creation and introduction of a new, forward-looking administrative platform which fully and appropriately supports today’s processes and business encountered in the VBS Claims Centre. The volume of data from the existing SCHAWE application is to be migrated into the new solution as a part of this project.


Thanks to our broad service pallet and experience in public administration, emineo was able to win this exciting project. We are pleased!




Patrick Meister
Head of Marketing & Communications


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