Learning as a growth engine

December 2022: emineo launches its own academy and invests in lifelong learning                                                                                                                                     

We, at emineo, are the masterminds, engineers and architects of the digital future. This is why we invest in lifelong learning – now with an in-house academy.

As an IT service provider, we develop inspiring, pioneering, holistic and sustainable digital solutions. This calls for young talent open to further development, optimisation and innovation. The driving force behind this way of working is continual development. That is why emineo is founding its own academy with the aim of anchoring relevant knowledge in the organisation today, focusing on added value in a practical sense.

“Our employees and their skills are the basis for our success and that is why we have now launched the emineo Academy to anchor continued learning even more firmly in the organisation, on the one hand. On the other, as a growing organisation, we want to be able to better scale the central topics of learning and training. We are in a much better position to achieve this with an academy” explains Andreas Petralia, Head of Operations and Member of the Executive Board at emineo AG.

The emineo Academy is open to all employees and enables the goal-oriented further development of their skills and career path. The emineo Academy focuses on imparting practically applicable knowledge with specific added value in the areas of:

  1. Technology
  2. Methods
  3. Leadership
  4. Communication


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The comprehensive curriculum includes, e.g. courses in Spring, Docker, Kubernetes, TOGAF architecture, agile RE, design thinking, user experience, prototyping, strength training, self-presentation, topic pitching, workshop leadership as well as rhetoric training and English language courses.

“The Academy will be supplemented with further modules in the coming months. The goal for 2023 is also to open the Academy to our customers and other interested parties. We consider passing on our enthusiasm for new and modern topics necessary. As a well-known proverb tells us: Learning is like rowing upstream. If you stop, you drift back” explains Andreas Petralia.

The HR team is responsible for the targeted further development of the training modules and their implementation. The first participants are enthusiastic:

“Learning together in discussion with colleagues is fun and immediately enables a specific practical reference to our everyday customer and project business. I took a lot away from the training sessions and was able to promptly apply what I learned” says Noelia Chicharro, Software Engineer at emineo.

“The prior personality test and the associated strengths workshops let you know yourself better on a very personal level and develop outside your comfort zone” pleasingly states Martin Matjanec, SAP Consultant and Leadership Coach at emineo.

“The catalogue of courses offered is so broad and diverse that it also covers topics that are not necessarily directly related to day-to-day business, but enrich it. This was the case for me, for example, with the Design Thinking course in the area of methods, muses Gabrio Rivera, Senior Consultant at emineo.

“The most important learning from the Spring training was: Why did I not take this course much earlier?” wonders Bruno Widén, Software Engineer at emineo.


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